How it works

Step 1 - Consultation

Do you want something that's very simple? Or do you want more advanced things like online coupons, multi-ticket discounts or some other kind of promotion? The first thing we do is talk to you, one-on-one, to find out what you want to do with your ticketing? We will tell you upfront if there is something we can't do, but we will try and accomodate what you want. There is never a charge for consultation.

Step 2 - Agreement

We will provide you with an agreement spelling out exactly what each of our obligations are. You will need to sign that and return it before we can start work on your ticketing platform. There is a small, upfront fee required with the agreement, this covers the first few months of your ticketing platform cost. Other than that fee, unless you are requesting something extremely complicated, there are no additional charges for set-up.

Step 3 - Return of all forms

There are some basic forms you need to fill out providing us with basic information on what you want the ticketing platform to look like, contact names, and how you would like to receive payment from the ticket sales (Paypal or Square recommended)

Step 4 - Creation of the Ticketing Platform

We will do almost all of this work. We will obtain the ticketing platform and customize it as specified in the Agreement or other communication. Because there are financial connections to complete (ie hooking up the platform to PayPal or Square), we will provide you with any procedures you need to follow on your end in order to enable those payment providers access to the ticketing platform. We CAN assist you in doing these things, but unless you grant us access and authority to act on your behalf, you will need to do these things on your own. This is the trade-off over other ticketing services. You control all of the financial aspects of tickets, so there's a little setup work that has to be done by you.

Step 5 - Testing and approving the Ticketing platform

We will normally run a set of transactions through the ticketing platform to make sure it is working correctly. Some will be no-charge, but some will involve real money. You will be invoiced for repayment of these paid, test transactions. You are encouraged to review the platform for yourself, to insure that it meets with your requirements. Once that is complete, you will notify us that you approve the platform.

Step 5.5 (optional) - Attaching your platform to your Facebook Business Page

If you have a Facebook business page for your event, we have the ability to hook the ticketing platform right into that page. This is something the owner of the business page must do, and we can provide instructions. If however, you are not comfortable with doing this yourself, we CAN do it for you. BUT, in order to do so, we have to have full access to your 'personal' Facebook account as a Facebook app needs to be installed and configured, FROM YOUR PERSONAL SIGNON. We will limit access to one person, who will inform you when it is complete so you can change your password. We understand the risk to your Facebook account in doing this, but it is an option.

Step 6 - Opening the Platform

It's time to open the store and start accepting real ticket orders.

Step 7 - Invoicing and payment of ticketing fees

From time to time, as specified in the Agreement, you will be invoiced for the ticketing fees. Payment for these fees is due according to the schedule in the agreement.

Step 7 - Closing the store and final settlement

Your ticketing platform will remain open and ready to accept ticket orders until you tell us otherwise. At the conclusion of the event, the platform will be closed to sales but remain available for reporting for a period of time. A variety of reports are available from the platform to help you in your accounting efforts. These reports are available on demand at any time during the ticketing process. As noted above, there are no fees for periodic reporting, unless it's something complicated or custom.