How we are different from other online ticketing providers


As a promoter, money is critical for your success, and the sooner you get it, and keep control of it, the better. Our platform does just that. Unlike most of the other providers, WE don't hold your money hostage until after your event. Because we hook OUR platform up to YOUR payment provider, you receive the money from your advance ticket sales according to the terms of your payment provider, often same day or very shortly thereafter. This means that YOU can get money ahead of time to pay for upfront costs of your event, and YOU are in control of your finances, not someone else. In return for this flexibility, we invoice you from time-to-time for the ticketing fees due us. So, the more YOU succeed, the more WE succeed.


Because we are a small, family-run business, we have minimal overhead, so our ticketing fees reflect that low overhead. We typically ask for a $50 non-refundable deposit, which covers the cost of the ticketing platform for 2 months for us. There are no other set-up fees. Once ticket sales start, we track the number of tickets sold, and generally take a per-ticket fee in compensation (negotiated in the Agreement). These fees can be added in to the cost of the tickets and paid by your patron, or your event can absorb the cost of the fee. All fees will be specified in the Agreement.


Most of the online ticketing providers give you plug-in code that you run on your own, add into your website, or just plain cobble together. Usually it looks and functions terrible, and IS IT SECURE?. Eclectickets uses a full-featured, state-of-the-art ECommerce platform, just like an online store. In fact, we use this exact same platform in our own Ecommerce retail store as Eclectics Creations. Instead of using a cobbled-together thing, you get an online store that works exactly like any other online store so people immediately know how to use it. The best part is, YOU don't have to do ANYTHING to manage it, we manage that process 100%.


Because we use a fully-functional Ecommerce platform, you can have options for ticket sales the other providers can only dream about. Want to sell bulk-tickets? How about coupon and promotional codes? How about pre-selling ACTUAL MERCHANDISE right from the ticketing site? With our platform, there isn't much we can't do.


Our Ecommerce platform comes with many reports so that you can track sales and revenue. These reports are available on request at no additional charge. You will also receive an email each and every time a ticket sale is made.


Every ticket sold is logged by the platform, just as if it was a retail sale. You are provided with access to the 'backend' of the store where you can pull up each order, issue tickets, and note that order as 'picked up'. This insures that there is NO possibility of passing off fraudulent or duplicate email confirmations. This does mean that the tickets are considered 'will-call', and will need to be picked up at the event by the patron. The average check-in time for this is approximately 30-45 seconds each, about the amount of time a credit card transaction takes to process on the day of the event. Note: the platform does NOT support bar-coding scanning for check-in at this time. You may have multiple will-call windows open, and multiple ticket personnel can be logged into the platform at one time.


This platform has the ability to communicate with your patrons via email. You can request us to send out simple communications to all available email addresses, usually at no charge. If you want to do something more complicated, there may be a charge for set-up, but requesting a quote is always free.

Day of event and ticket tracking

Prior to your event, you will be provided access to the 'backend' of ticketing platform. This backend is completely web-enabled, so can be viewed from any internet-enabled laptop, tablet, or even phone (recommend at least tablet-sized device though to help in readability. Your ticket personnel will log onto the platform, search for orders, and flag them as picked up, preventing counterfeit or attempts at duplicate ticketing. The search and marking of orders takes 30-45 seconds once a person is experienced. Training videos will be available to help walk your ticket personnel through the process.