How about a real, live demo

The demo is temporarily offline while we move to a new platform. We expect this to be complete by 04/17/2020. If you have any questions, please use the contact form on this site. Thank you for your patience.

So what did we do? We built a real, live, almost-fully-functional ticketing platform that you can see and test drive. You can even put through ticket orders and see what the emails or other notifications look like. You can see how the ticketing products look and function. As stated elsewhere, by using an ecommerce platform, we can provide functionality you can get nowhere else.

Here's what you can expect to see when you go to the demo store:

Several predefined ticket types, with explanations of how they work in the description. Naturally, we will build out your ticketing options according to what you want, these are just examples.
See how 'categories' work, you can have different types of tickets split out across different categories. If you want to use the online ticketing platform for vendor applications as well, that category can remain visible, or be hidden but available by link to help prevent your patrons from becoming confused.
Much of the verbiage across the platform can be tailored for your own event
You can go through the 'customer experience' from start to finish, including 'purchasing' tickets (money order is the only available payment method on the demo site, but there are many different payment methods available for live sites, including Square and Paypal, which are both recommended by us).

Click on the link to go to the live demo site (link will open in a new window)