The Goodman Family Test Run

Bruce and Joanne Goodman, and their sons Alex and Sam, run our business. We came up with the name Webclectics because we knew from the beginning that we were going to be offering an eclectic range of products. We started with website design and graphic design, catering to niche markets. From there, we decided to start our own manufacturing and retail business, Eclectics Creations, in those niche markets, because it looked like fun. As part of our retail efforts, we started our first online marketplace, Eclectics Marketplace. Finally, with our experience at promoting our own event, establishing an Ecommerce store for our retail products and realizing there was a need for comprehensive, powerful, but easy-to-use ticketing solutions, we leveraged the power of our existing Ecommerce platform into a ticketing platform in a division we call Eclectickets.

Guiding Principles

We have a pretty fundamental business principle. We believe that making money should not be a one-sided contract, which is why we view our clients as more like partners than clients. OUR success is based on YOUR success, and we truly believe that a 'Rising tide lifts all boats'. We try and keep our fees reasonable, and our service outstanding, because by helping you make money, we make money right alongside you.