Online and Advance Event Ticketing Service

Are you looking for an affordable solution to your online ticketing needs?

Are you tired of being taken advantage of by the huge online ticketing services with outrageous fees and not gaining access to your ticket proceeds until after your event?

What if you could gain the ability to customize your ticket sales in ways that the large ticketing services just can't do? Can you imagine being able to tailor your sales to meet your customer's needs?

Or are you maybe tired of homebrew ticketing code on your website? Having to maintain it, make sure its 100% up to date, as well as maintaining the highest levels of cybersecurity?

Or, how about one-stop-shopping, because not only can we handle your ticket sales, but we can also handle your vendor applications online, with all of the information captured, and payment made online. No more lost vendor paperwork, its all conveniently stored and accessible to you.

Eclectickets, a division of, can help you.

So how are we different from the other online ticketing service providers? In three words, it's SERVICE and EXPERIENCE

When you work with us, you're not just a customer or client, you are a partner. We use a different business model than everyone else so that when YOU succeed, we succeed right along with you. We are a small business that leverages state-of-the-art technology to bring the highest standards of customer service and reputation to you.

And when we talk about experience, it's not just in ticketing sales and ecommerce, it's also in doing what you do, marketing and promoting your events. Bruce and Joanne Goodman, the owners of Webclectics, created, hosted, marketed, and managed an event for six years called Camp Kaibab, a 3 day overnight camping adventure for Cub Scouts, so when we say we have experience in planning and holding an event, we can justifiably say we've done some of what you're doing. Trust me, if you can pull off an event with 350 kids and their families for an entire weekend, you can pull off just about anything.